The Story Of Our Mother

Sourdough Starter cultures are all taken from our 19-year-old mother culture, originally started by our friend Monika from Germany. As a visitor to Australia, she found the pre-sliced bread on offer completely unpalatable. Her gift to her host continues to this day, in leavening wholesome, slowly fermented daily bread.

When you order a Sourdough Starter starter kit, you'll receive a part of this original mother culture. Keeping it in the fridge and feeding it will provide a perpetual source yeast for years to come. 

Caring for your sourdough culture is as simple as feeding it once a week on equal amounts of flour and water, and storing it in the fridge between baking days. 

Your Sourdough Starter culture is a living food that will evolve to your location and environment, and will be colonised by the wild yeast unique to its home. It is more forgiving than freeze dried yeast, allowing you greater flexibility around timing without your dough over proving.

As your Sourdough Starter culture grows, you can pass it on to friends and family to start their own.