Mackie Loaf Tin

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We've tested a LOT of baking tins with our sourdough and we can honestly say that this one consistently provides the best results. 

Mackies has been supplying quality bakeware to both commercial and home kitchens since 1946, making them one of the pioneers in the bakeware industry.

All pans and trays by Mackies are made from STEELUMAT™ which is aluminised steel, allowing it to withstand the intensive baking environment of commercial bakeries.

With Mackies' pans, you can be sure of the ingredients that go into your bread and also have the comfort of knowing that your bread will come out of the oven looking like it's from the bakery.


  • Top inside measurement - 26.7cm x 10.8cm
  • Base outside measurement 25.4cm x 9.8cm
  • Bakes a loaf of 680g bread