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All-in-one kits for baking Sourdough at home

Sourdough Starter kits provide everything you need to make delicious sourdough bread & pizza bases at home.

Starting at just $39 + shipping, each kit contains a live, water-activated starter culture that will grow and provide perpetual yeast for as long as you care for it. Also included is a step-by-step baking guide, so it's perfect for experienced bakers and newbies alike!


What's in the box?

NEW Sourdough Fruit Loaf Kit

Based on our popular sourdough hot cross buns recipe, our Fruit Loaf kits are perfect for those who enjoy a bit of sweetness and spice with their sourdough slice!

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Gift cards

A Sourdough Starter gift card is the perfect gift for experienced bakers and newbies alike! Choose from a digital gift card delivered immediately via email, or a physical card send in the post.