Below are the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help! 


How long will my Sourdough Starter keep before first activation?

The dry Sourdough Culture can be safely stored for at least 6 months before first activation. If you store it in the freezer, that time increases to 10 months. The starter culture is water-activated, so once you add water the first time you will need to continue ‘feeding’ it by stirring in some water and flour 1-2 times per week to keep it alive and healthy (instructions for this are included in the guides that come with our kits).


How long will my starter culture last for once activated?

If you properly care for your starter culture by keeping in the fridge and feeding it with some flour and water 1-2 times per week, your culture will stay alive indefinitely, providing a perpetual source of yeast for your baking. It will continue to grow as you care for it, allowing you to share it with family and friends looking to start their own sourdough baking journey :) 


Are your Sourdough Starter kits gluten-free? 

The culture in our Sourdough Starter Culture Pack is completely free of gluten, and therefore suitable for a gluten-free diet so long as no other products containing gluten are used to bake with it.

Our All-in-one Kits all contain wheat flour, which is not suitable for gluten-free diets.


Can I use any kind of flour to activate my culture…

Yes, adding any flour to your starter will activate it.


What does it mean if my starter has formed a liquid on top and looks like it has ‘separated’?

Your starter is hungry! Pour off the liquid and feed as usual by stirring in a little water and flour. Keep at room temperature for a couple of hours and make sure you see a few bubbles before popping back in the fridge.

Fun fact - the layer of liquid that can rise to the top of your starter is called 'hooch'. Who knew?


My Starter is not ‘Bubbling’…

When you first activate your Starter you should see some bubbles forming (see image below).

If this doesn’t happen consider the temperature of you room - for activation your Starter needs to be between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, so moving it to a warmer space may help. If it is still not activating in a warmer space, give it another consecutive ‘feed’ within 6-8 hours of the first one and keep at room temperature for at least 6 hours - you should be able to see SOME bubbles (as long as you see even a few it means that your Starter is active).  The more you feed it and keep at room temp the more active it will become.


Where should I keep my Starter?

The Starter should always be kept in the fridge except for when you and feeding it or feeding it to use it.  It can stay at room temperature for at least 8 hours before you use it or put it back to sleep by popping it in the fridge.


When should I feed my Starter?

You can feed your starter whenever you like - just make sure it is at least once a week, every week.  It is always a good idea to feed your Starter at least 4 hours before baking making sure that you keep it at room temp before using.


How active should my Starter be before using it to bake?

The more active your starter is (ie. lots of bubbles) the better the end product. Lots of feeding (consecutively-every 6 hours) the more active your starter will be.


I think my Starter is dead….

If you have forgotten to feed your Starter the best thing to do is give it a feed as soon as you realise, then keep at room temp and then feed again within 6 hours…repeat this process at least twice, and nine times out of ten the Starter will reactivate - depending of course how long it has been since it originally had been fed. If it activates it is still healthy and ok to use.

If none of the above brings your starter back to life, you can always drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to help 😊


Where is Sourdough Starter based?

Sourdough Starter is a 100% Australian owned and operated small business. Every one of our kits is prepared and packed by hand in regional Victoria.


Do I need previous baking experience?

Nope! Our Starter Pack includes access to a step-by-step baking guide with images and detailed instructions to ensure that even complete baking novices can make perfect sourdough at home.


Do I need special baking equipment?

Nope again! If you have a mixing bowl, a spoon and an oven, everything else you need is included in the kit. A baking tin can be helpful if you have one, however if you don’t then you can just bake on a tray. 

Will my very first loaf look just like the sourdough I buy from the bakery?

Maybe! But probably not…

Sourdough baking is an ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ sort of thing, so it will likely take you a few bakes to perfect your technique. But that’s all part of the fun - with each bake you will refine your technique a little more, and before you know it your loaves will be up there with the best of them!