How long will my Sourdough Starter kit keep for?

All ingredients in our kits – including the starter culture – can be safely stored for at least 6 months before first use. If you store it in the freezer, that time increases to 10 months. The starter culture is water-activated, so once you add water the first time you will need to continue ‘feeding’ it by stirring in some water and flour 1-2 times per week to keep it alive and healthy (instructions for this are included in the guide).


How long does delivery take?

We ensure that every order is packed and dispatched with two business days of the order being placed. Shipping time varies based on your location and time of year so we can never guarantee an exact delivery window – but generally speaking, if you’re in a capital city you can expect to receive your kit within 7-10 days of placing your order, while regional areas can take a few days longer.

We offer an Express Post option at checkout if you require your order sooner.



Are the Sourdough Starter kits gluten-free?

No - both the starter culture and included flour contain gluten and as such are not suitable for people with Celiac Disease. We have been working on a gluten-free version of our kits but have so far not been able to find a solution that we are able to guarantee is 100% gluten free. We’ll keep at it – watch this space!


Can I use any kind of flour and salt?

Yes, however the Baker’s Flour supplied in our kits and sold individually here is of much higher quality than the standard flour you’ll find in the supermarket, so will produce a higher quality loaf. Likewise with the salt – after much experimentation we’ve found that the Curing Salt included in our kits produces the best results, however in a pinch any good quality table salt will do the trick.



How long will my starter culture last for?

If you properly care for your starter culture by keeping in the fridge and feeding it with some flour and water 1-2 times per week, your culture will stay alive indefinitely, providing a perpetual source of yeast for your baking. It will continue to grow as you care for it, allowing you to share it with family and friends looking to start their own sourdough baking journey :) 


Are Sourdough Starter kits made in Australia?

Sourdough Starter is 100% Australian owned and operated. Every one of our kits is prepared and packed by hand in Ballarat, Victoria in the little shop where we’ve been supplying bakers of our hometown for the last 20 years. Call in and see us at 314 Ripon St South, Ballarat VIC if you’re ever in town!



Do I need previous baking experience?

Nope! Each kit comes with a step-by-step baking guide with images and detailed instructions to ensure that even complete baking novices can make perfect sourdough at home.


Do I need special baking equipment?

Nope again! If you have a mixing bowl, a spoon and an oven, everything else you need is included in the kit. A baking tin can be helpful if you have one, however if you don’t then you can just bake on a tray. We have some other accessories available too if you want the full experience, however none of these are essential for baking sourdough at home. 


What does it mean if my starter has formed a liquid on top and looks like it has ‘separated’?

Your starter is hungry!  Pour off the liquid and feed as usual by stirring in a little water and flour. Keep at room temperature for a couple of hours and make sure you see a few bubbles before popping back in the fridge.


I already have my starter from a previous kit but I’ve used the rest of my ingredients – can I buy the ingredients only?

You sure can – we offer ‘top-up’ kits for our Classic Sourdough, Pizza Base and Fruit Loaf kits, which contain everything in the full kits except for the starter culture.


More questions? Contact us at hello@sourdoughstarter.com.au and we'll do all we can do assist you :)